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Reviews of Three Restaurants in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California is known as one of the best places to retire in California.  It is also a haven for winter snowbirds who nearly triple the population of the city during the months of November to March.  For those unaware of was a snowbird is, it is the people who choose to live in their motor homes, trailers or fifth wheels rather than a brick and mortar home.

Because of the nearby mountain and desert areas, Palm Springs offers all sorts of recreational things to do.  Of course, golf is probably the most popular but there is horseback riding, biking, hiking, tennis and swimming.  The city is also known for its cultural and arts scene and its mid-century modern architecture.

Two thousand years ago it was settled by the Cahuilla people.  There was an amazing amount of water and shade and had hot springs scattered throughout the valley which were used in the wintertime.  Today, you can see their petroglyphs in the Indian Canyons as well as their house pits, dams and irrigations ditches.

As of 2017, the population of Palm Springs was over forty-seven thousand people.  With addition of the winter snowbirds, that makes the population close to one hundred and fifty thousand in the winter months.  This makes for a lot of growth and the need for great restaurants.

Palm Springs California Restaurant Image Tac/Quila, located at 415 N Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California is the creation of Liz and Mark Ostich.  After years of being lawyers, they sat down one day and dared to dream about what they wanted their future to look like.  It came down to working with people and getting into the hospitality industry.

Their first venture, FARM, was inspired by their travels through the countryside south of France.  Their garden-like patio seating and amazing landscaping has pleased clients for years.

However, they were not satisfied to just run FARM.  So, they decided to combine their love of Jalisco style of cuisine and unique tequilas to start Tac/Quila.  They incorporated much of the culture and arts that were forming in Mexico City to come up with their theme that has been so popular with their clientele.

Well their dream has paid off with the evaluations that have been created online.  They score a four-point six-star rating with well over two hundred of them.

Located in the beautiful Plaza del Sol in South Palm Springs, California is Mirio’s Restaurant.  Their cuisine is considered Modern European with a flair for great seafood as well.  The outdoor seating is popular as their patrons can enjoy amazing mountain views.Palm Springs California Restaurant

Owners, Miro Terzic and his wife Mirela, work with their whole family to create home-style cooking that is pleased to appeal to even the pickiest pallet.   Miro’s first opened their doors in 1994 after immigrating from Mostar, Yugoslavia.  Their popularity grew so fast that they had to move in 1997 to their current location to doubling their space.

Their work and dedication have paid off as they now have over four hundred reviews on the internet.  These posts have netted them a four-point eight-star rating!

Palm Spring CA Restaurant FoodLulu California Bistro is located at 200 S. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California.  Since their grand opening on August 22, 2011, they calculate they have served well over two and one-half million patrons.  They contribute this not only to their fantastic food but their décor as well.

The owners of Lulu California Bistro, Jerry and Barbara Keller, moved to Palm Springs in the mid nineteen eighties from New York.  Even though they were success full in New York, they decided their favorite vacation spot should become their permanent home.

Named one of the “Top 100 Dining Hot Spots in the United States”, they have also won the “Diners Choice Award” several times.  With well over two thousand positive online reviews, they have also received as strong four-plus star rating.


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