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Three Great Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles California RestaurantHowlin’ Ray’s is located in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza in Los Angeles, California.  It is owned by an adorable couple Johnny and Amanda.  Johnny grew up in Los Angeles working for some of the most famous chefs in America.

They decided to vacation in Nashville and fell in love with the hot chicken that was being served in many restaurants.  After they got back to Los Angeles, they started to form a plan to open a food truck and call it Howlin’ Ray’s.  They ventured back to Nashville and studied how the hot chicken was made.

They purchased a food truck and launched Howlin’ Ray’s to quick success.  Lines an hour long would form the moment they opened their food truck.  In 2015 they decided to park the truck and open a brick and mortar restaurant.

Their fan base followed them to the Far East Plaza and put up with long lines.  They have over twenty-six hundred reviews on the internet giving them close to a five-star rating.

Papa Cristo’s Greek Restaurant and Grill is located in the Pico Union neighborhood in central Los Angeles, California.  It is a third-generation family owned business that does more than serve food.Los Angeles CA Restaurant

Prior to becoming Papa Cristo’s Greek Restaurant and Grill, the C & K Importing Company was opened sixty years ago by Sam Chrys in 1948.  He wanted to bring the taste of Greece to the people of Los Angeles.  His son, Chrys Chrys bought the business from his father.  His goal was to open an authentic Greek restaurant after spending times in Greece learning how to season and cook Greek food.

Papa Cristo’s opened their doors in the 1990’s using the majority of the food served imported from Greece.  They are wildly popular and now sell many of the spices they use through their C & K Importing Company.  They have a four-point-four-star rating online.

Los Angeles CA Restaurant ChickenLocated in East Hollywood since January 2018 is Dave’s Hot Chicken.  It got its beginnings when four friends who have known each other since childhood decided to bring Nashville hot chicken to Los Angeles.

They scrapped together two thousand dollars and put a pop-up in a parking lot.  Dave’s Hot Chicken menu was simple; fries, tenders, kale slaw and sliders.  Long lines formed day after day and within six months they opened their doors in a restaurant.

Chef Dave’s secret recipe of soaking the chicken in a proprietary brine makes the chicken so tender after he deep fries.  They have signature spice blends to top the chicken ranging from Light Mild to Reaper hot!  This has earned them a four-point-six-star rating with over fourteen hundred endorsements on the world wide web.

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