San Antonio TX Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Italian Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas

When most people think of food in Texas they think of barbecue.  Texas is known for some of the greatest barbecue in the world, but one cannot eat barbecue for every meal now can they.  San Antonio TX Hood Cleaning has been servicing the greater San Antonio, Texas area and surrounding cities for years.  They wanted to share three great Italian restaurants in San Antonio in this article.

San Antonio TX RestaurantCarrabba’s Italian Grill is located at 12507 I-10 W in San Antonio, Texas.  It was founded by two Sicilian boys, Johnny and Damian, who were raised in Texas.  Damian’s grandparents were born in Sicily in the 1870’s and immigrated to the United States in the late 1800’s to Galveston, Texas as did many Sicilians.

Two interconnected families, the Mandolas and the Carrabbas made it a priority to have large gatherings for christenings, graduations, funerals, births, weddings and any excuse to get the families together.  As they traveled by ship from Sicily, they met other families immigrating from other countries where they shared stories and food.  Thus, the beginning of Carrabba’s Italian Grill.

Today, Johnny and Damian enjoy the success of their restaurant and sharing their traditional Italian recipes with their customers.  They have close to a four and one-half-star rating on the world wide web with close to twelve hundred reviews.

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana is located at 6969 Blanco Road in San Antonio.  It was opened in November of 2007 by Doug and Lori Horn.  Both have a strong background in the restaurant and hotel business, so it was the perfect match to have Lori out front doing their marketing and Doug run the restaurant.San Antonio Texas Restaurant Pizza

They wanted to bring a unique style of pizza to San Antonio, so they focused on Southern Italian Cuisine from Naples, Italy.  In order to be a true Napoletana pizzeria, Doug and Lori had to study and become part of the Association of Neapolitan Pizzaoili which teaches the one hundred and fifty-year-old tradition of creating Neapolitan Pizza.  The idea for their name Dough Pizzeria Napoletana was a a little play on letters in Doug’s first and last name which can spell Dough.

Pretty sure with the two thousand three hundred and eighteen reviews online, Doug and Lori are doing a bang-up business.  They even opened a second location in beautiful Downtown San Antonio.

Located in the Downtown business district of San Antonio is Guillermo’s.  Owner, Guillermo, loves to share the rich history of San Antonio with his patrons by have collectable wall hangings celebrating some of the larger than life events that have taken place over the years.

San Antonio Texas Restaurant PhotoGuillermo’s is considered to be haunted by employees, contractors and patrons as well.  There are dozens of stories where an employee has heard a door open and then footsteps only find there is no-one there!  Employees have said they have had the feeling somebody walked very closely to them as well as a gentle touch.  Employees have told stories of having their belongings moving from one place to another.

Believe it or not, employees to this day say they hear footsteps, doors opening and even seeing shadows pass by when there is nobody there.  Not sure if any of the sixteen hundred people who posted positive posts can say they have experienced strange happenings, but they do love them enough to give them a four-plus-star rating.

San Antonio TX Hood Cleaning is happy to recommend any of these great Italian restaurants to their friends and family.  They are a team of professionals who strive to provide the best hood cleaning experience to their customers.

Jersey Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Burger Restaurants in Trenton, New Jersey

The capital of New Jersey is Trenton that boasted a population in 2010 around eighty-five thousand residents.  The estimated population in 2018 was around eighty-four thousand residents.  It boarders the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

The history of Trenton can be found as far back as June 3, 1719 and became the capital of New Jersey on November 25, 1790.  It is known as the first military site of victory for General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.  Manufacturing was its life blood in the late nineteenth century into the early twentieth century and fell into a depression when those jobs went away.  Today the largest employer is the state of New Jersey which brings in hundreds of state workers every day from the surrounding areas.

Trenton NJ RestaurantOne of the areas that is seeing a revitalization is the Trenton waterfront.  A restaurant called Cooper’s Review remodeled one of the older buildings to create an amazing dining experience.  They have live entertainment, a popular happy hour and a full menu for even the pickiest of eaters.

Cooper’s Review was designed to hold large events in their entertainment hall, the major dining area, an amazing indoor/outdoor bar and drink area and a beautiful deck that jets out over the water.  They have a stage on their deck that can accommodate national performances.

Their menu consists of recipes offered at the Marmont Steakhouse in Philadelphia which is awesome for those who do not want to drive an hour into Philadelphia.  The internet evaluations give them over four stars, and they say to definitely try one of their gourmet burgers.

Savory Leaf Café is only about three miles away in Edwin Township, a twelve-minute drive, from Trenton, New Jersey.  They are a vegan restaurant that serves some of the most amazing dishes that one would swear are not vegan.  Their food is all plant-based but is served like some of the best comfort food in the area.Trenton New Jersey Restaurant

Established in 2018, Savory Leaf Café and serve only food that is egg, dairy and meat free.  Their “wheat meat” is called seitan and really looks like meat when it is cooked up.  Unfortunately for those who cannot eat gluten this product is out as it is also called wheat gluten, wheat protein or just plain gluten.

One of their popular events are their Saturday breakfast where they offer a tofu scramble, soy sausage patties serviced with cheese on a bagel and Lox made from carrots.  They may only have thirty-three reviews online, but they get a strong five-star rating from them.

Trenton New Jersey Restaurant MediaNJ Weedman’s Joint is located right across from city hall in Trenton, New Jersey.  Owner, Robert Edward “Ed” Forchion Jr., also known as NJWeedman, came into this world on July 23, 1964.  His restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a full menu that would please anyone.

NJ Weedman’s Joint is not his only venture.  In addition to being a restaurateur, he is a free speech and cannabis rights activist as well as an actor and writer.  He has long history of arrests and court battles due to his cannabis activism.  He was in jail in 2017-2018 for four hundred and forty-seven days.

His success as a restaurateur is as legendary as his arrests and subsequent trials.  People flock to his place just to get a glimpse of this icon in Trenton and of course have some amazing food.  The world wide web rates him with four-point seven-stars with one hundred and fifty plus posts.

New Jersey Hood Cleaning has been serving the area for years.  They have a team of professionals who are trained in restaurant hood cleaning.

ProClean Cleaning Services of Southern California Reviews Three Restaurants in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California is known as one of the best places to retire in California.  It is also a haven for winter snowbirds who nearly triple the population of the city during the months of November to March.  For those unaware of was a snowbird is, it is the people who choose to live in their motor homes, trailers or fifth wheels rather than a brick and mortar home.

Because of the nearby mountain and desert areas, Palm Springs offers all sorts of recreational things to do.  Of course, golf is probably the most popular but there is horseback riding, biking, hiking, tennis and swimming.  The city is also known for its cultural and arts scene and its mid-century modern architecture.

Two thousand years ago it was settled by the Cahuilla people.  There was an amazing amount of water and shade and had hot springs scattered throughout the valley which were used in the wintertime.  Today, you can see their petroglyphs in the Indian Canyons as well as their house pits, dams and irrigations ditches.

As of 2017, the population of Palm Springs was over forty-seven thousand people.  With addition of the winter snowbirds, that makes the population close to one hundred and fifty thousand in the winter months.  This makes for a lot of growth and the need for great restaurants.

Palm Springs California Restaurant Image Tac/Quila, located at 415 N Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California is the creation of Liz and Mark Ostich.  After years of being lawyers, they sat down one day and dared to dream about what they wanted their future to look like.  It came down to working with people and getting into the hospitality industry.

Their first venture, FARM, was inspired by their travels through the countryside south of France.  Their garden-like patio seating and amazing landscaping has pleased clients for years.

However, they were not satisfied to just run FARM.  So, they decided to combine their love of Jalisco style of cuisine and unique tequilas to start Tac/Quila.  They incorporated much of the culture and arts that were forming in Mexico City to come up with their theme that has been so popular with their clientele.

Well their dream has paid off with the evaluations that have been created online.  They score a four-point six-star rating with well over two hundred of them.

Located in the beautiful Plaza del Sol in South Palm Springs, California is Mirio’s Restaurant.  Their cuisine is considered Modern European with a flair for great seafood as well.  The outdoor seating is popular as their patrons can enjoy amazing mountain views.Palm Springs California Restaurant

Owners, Miro Terzic and his wife Mirela, work with their whole family to create home-style cooking that is pleased to appeal to even the pickiest pallet.   Miro’s first opened their doors in 1994 after immigrating from Mostar, Yugoslavia.  Their popularity grew so fast that they had to move in 1997 to their current location to doubling their space.

Their work and dedication have paid off as they now have over four hundred reviews on the internet.  These posts have netted them a four-point eight-star rating!

Palm Spring CA Restaurant FoodLulu California Bistro is located at 200 S. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California.  Since their grand opening on August 22, 2011, they calculate they have served well over two and one-half million patrons.  They contribute this not only to their fantastic food but their décor as well.

The owners of Lulu California Bistro, Jerry and Barbara Keller, moved to Palm Springs in the mid nineteen eighties from New York.  Even though they were success full in New York, they decided their favorite vacation spot should become their permanent home.

Named one of the “Top 100 Dining Hot Spots in the United States”, they have also won the “Diners Choice Award” several times.  With well over two thousand positive online reviews, they have also received as strong four-plus star rating.

ProClean Cleaning Services has been serving the Palm Springs, California area for years.  Their team of professionals are trained in restaurant hood cleaning and take great pride in the work they do.  Next time your commercial kitchen hood exhaust system needs to be cleaned, call ProClean Cleaning Services for the most professional restaurant hood cleaning job in the area.

Fairfax Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Barbecue Restaurants Around Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax Virginia BBQ RestaurantThe Bone got its roots in 2009 when they Lytle/Hoover family went to California for a vacation to see relatives.   Their relatives had a successful barbecue restaurant called Bad to the Bone.  When Mike Hoover tasted their amazing food, he dreamed of bringing something this delicious back home.

While Mike had no interest in opening a restaurant he encouraged his two sons to consider opening one since they had just graduated from college with degrees in Hospitality Management.  However, the brothers did not have much experience in the restaurant industry, so he shipped them to California to learn hands on with their relatives.

Well, they got the barbecue bug and returned home eager to start a new barbecue restaurant at home.  Originally named Bad to the Bone Smokehouse, they grew fast and opened a second location in Old Town Manassas.  They named this restaurant The Bone and eventually shortened the name of their first place to The Bone as well.

Over the years they have found lifelong friendships with their happy clientele.  They have over four hundred positive posts giving them over a four-star rating.

Odd BBQ is located on Daly Drive in Chantilly, Virginia, which is only seven and one-half miles from Fairfax, Virginia.  It is the dream of Nick and Susan who started their restaurant in 2017.Fairfax Virginia Restaurant Odd BBQ

Their unique approach with Odd BBQ was to go to various breweries around the area to serve their small menu.  They would bring their own tables and an old panini grill and whip up sumptuous meals to complement the beer.

One day, Ono Brewing put out a notice that they were looking to serve food.  Susan and Nick jumped at the opportunity to show them how great their food was, and they never left.  They are now located in a small nine by twelve-foot room whipping up their own version of barbecue.

While there are only about one hundred and fifty reviews online, the reviews are positive.  Their food complements Ono Brewing Companies unique take on tropical flavor beers.  Their self-serve craft beer bar is a big success with patrons and allows them to try all of their delicious flavors.

Fairfax Virginia Restaurant FeaturedClarity is located on Maple Avenue in Vienna, Virginia which is only about six miles from Fairfax, Virginia.  Jon Krinn is the founder and head Chef of the restaurant.

Jon got his humble beginnings at the L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MA.  He worked in several kitchens in Washington DC before heading to France to hone his skills.  He eventually moved to New York City where he worked under some of the most acclaimed chefs in the world.

In 2001, Jon moved back to Washington DC and opened 2941.  He was quickly recognized in the area and was named the tenth top restaurant in the area.  He also achieved three stars in the Washington Post.  He achieved his dream of opening his own restaurant in 2001 when he opened Clarity.

Jon’s right had man is Chef de Cuisine, Nick Palermo.  Nick has a history of working in many recognized kitchens.  He worked alongside Jon at 2941 so the pairing of those two was perfect.  Their success has garnered them close to five hundred and fifty evaluations on the world wide web giving them close to a five-star rating.

Fairfax Hood Cleaning has been serving the greater Fairfax, Virginia area for many years.  Their team of professionals take pride in their hood cleaning capabilities to keep commercial kitchens safe from dangerous grease fires.

Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. Presents How to Change Your Domicile to Wyoming

When you first set up your business, did you look to other states to set up your Limited Liability Company or corporation?  What was the price you paid and are paying annually?  Some states like California have a minimum charge for your corporations annual filing of eight hundred dollars!  Incorporating in the state of Nevada could cost you three hundred and fifty dollars to six hundred and fifty dollars minimum per year.

Let’s face it, you did not start your business to support the government.  You started your business to support your family and be your own boss.  That is why we recommend moving your corporation to Wyoming.  They don’t have a state income tax and their initial and annual fees are reasonable for starters.

Wyoming Discount Registered Agent WYEven if you have an established company in one state, you can move that corporation to another state where the laws are more on your side.  You simply need to transfer your company to a new jurisdiction.  You don’t need to set up another bank account or line of credit because they can be in the state you are doing business in.   You also keep your Employer Identification Number which is great because you are not starting your business over.

Reasons to Incorporate in Wyoming:

  • Nominal Annual Fees
  • There is not personal income tax in Wyoming
  • Purchasing, holding selling or transferring of its stock is allowed in Wyoming
  • There is no Franchise Tax in Wyoming
  • Wyoming does not have a Personal Income tax
  • Wyoming does not have a Gift Tax and no Inheritance Tax
  • There is not State Business License in Wyoming
  • There are competitive Property Taxes or Sales Taxes

Wyoming has Asset Protection

Incorporating in Wyoming can protect you from a lawsuit.  If a company or individual tries to sue your corporation, the suit needs to be tried in the state of Wyoming.  It can be very expensive, so most lawyers will not pursue a case.  Also, Wyoming has over one thousand six hundred lawyers who are ready to represent your business.

As you may know, incorporating in general protects your personal assets as well.  So, you have double protection when incorporating in Wyoming.

What is it Going to Cost to Incorporate in Wyoming?

Incorporating in Wyoming is inexpensive with the going rate of one hundred dollars.  Wyoming charges fifty dollars to obtain your Certified Documents form your State of Domicile.  Our fee for putting all this together is only fifty dollars.  Lastly, you will pay us our annual rate of sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents.  Your total to transfer is only two hundred dollars ninety-five cents.

In order to change your domicile to Wyoming you will need to have a registered agent.  Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. has been helping companies transfer their corporation to Wyoming.  The fees we charge are nominal at only sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents annually.

Even better, if your assets are less than two hundred and fifty thousand inside the State of Wyoming, your corporation renewal fees are only fifty dollars annually.

What is a Corporation by Nevada Discount Registered Agent

The preferred way to structure a business is to make it a corporation.  Corporations are treated as a separate entity which gives it the legal rights of an individual with the exception of voting and a few other limitations.  You can choose to incorporate in the state your business is in or, you can incorporate in states that have better laws that protect your business.

If you choose to incorporate in a state other than the one you do business in, you may be subject to a fee.  Check with the state to see if you have to file for a qualification.

The Great Seal of NevadaYou can do the articles of incorporation yourself, however, if you are going to incorporate in a state with better protection laws, like Nevada, you should use a Registered Agent.  Nevada Discount Resident Agent has been helping companies from other states file for their corporation in Nevada for years.  The advantage of incorporating in Nevada is they do not keep or store records of the individuals in the business therefore they cannot share information with the Internal Revenue Service.

Once you have incorporated, you can now designate how many shares the company will give to each owner.  Prior to that, the corporation should elect a board of directors who should plan on meeting at least once per year.  Take copious notes of your discussions and where the company is heading.

The board of directors typically consist of a president, secretary and treasurer.  The board of directors can have more than previously mentioned like vice-president or vice-presidents.  These individuals are expected to handle the day-to-day affairs.  Adopting corporate bylaws is also suggested as it designates what the authority and powers the officers, directors and shareholders have.

The corporate umbrella protects the shareholders personal assets should there be a lawsuit.  Incorporating in the state of Nevada if your business is in another state can actually prevent frivolous lawsuits.  Any lawsuit that may be filed has to be litigated in the state of Nevada.  This can be costly which many lawyers will shy away from, especially if the corporation does not have a lot of assets.

Another advantage of incorporating your business is you can give the shareholders a salary.  This is not the case of a Limited Liability Company or LLC.  LLC’s are looked at like a sole proprietor, so the income is passed directly to the individual.  Salaries are considered an expense to the corporation and can be deductible.

The larger the corporation and the number of shareholders may require the company to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or state regulatory bodies.  It is better to keep the shareholders to a minimum as it is easier to cash someone out if they choose to leave the company.

Keep in mind that not only is the corporation subject to income tax, the shareholders are liable for taxes when they receive dividends.  This is why many corporations choose to give the shareholders larger salaries rather than take dividends.

This article is only intended to give some information on forming a corporation.  It is recommended that any business owner who is thinking of incorporating should consult their Certified Public Accountant or their Lawyer.

Edgewood County Park in Redwood City, California

Living in the Bay Area can be hectic.  There are long commutes and lots of people to contend with.  Fortunately, there are some nature preserves that people can go to unwind and get a feeling of nature all around them.

Edgewood County Park in Redwood City, CAMy friends at Bay Area Hood Cleaning love going to the Edgewood County Park in Redwood City, California.   This park gets about fifty thousand visitors each year.  If you divide that into three hundred and sixty-five days in the year, that would come out to approximately one hundred and thirty-seven visitors each day.  I am pretty sure some days are busier than others.

The spring wildflower display is very popular at the four hundred and sixty-seven-acre park.  The property was bought in 1979 by San Mateo County from the state of California for two million dollars.  In todays’ dollars that is about six million nine hundred.

They were originally going to put in a golf course but because a feasibility study said there were areas flat enough to put one in.  However, they found that some of these flat places had protected species in them.  So, in 1993, they declared that the whole Nature Preserve would be protected from future development.

Asbestos Abatement Guidelines in Phoenix

This article is to mainly provide some valuable information in regards to asbestos abatement in the Phoenix, AZ communities. There are actually 4 different colors of asbestos. The colors actually define them and what minerals they are composed of. The four different colors are brown, blue, white and green. In the green colored asbestos you will find that its main mineral content is iron and that is why the asbestos has its green appearance. The basic definition of asbestos is a combination of several different minerals and other materials that when separated into long flexible fibers become the dangerous asbestos substance. During the asbestos abatement process, all of these elements are examined thoroughly to determine their potential danger they may cause for a property.phoenix asbestos abatement

Asbestos was mostly used as a fire retardant as the substance will not burn. Therefore, it was a natural component when protecting against high heat elements. One of the most popular use for asbestos was in property insulation products that can now be found in most older properties built prior to 1980. The deadly product may also be found in ceiling tiles, roof tiles, pipe cement and exterior siding. Any older building or property may have hidden asbestos contamination that you are just simply unaware of. This is why it becomes extremely important to hire a professional asbestos abatement team that can not only test for the substance but also safely remove it from your property.

The United States finally banned asbestos from both commercial and residential use back in 1978 after a lengthy legal battle. Experts were unable to determine how dangerous the substance was because it only became deadly to humans once it was disturbed. Asbestos fibers can be inhaled once they are exposed through abrasion or demolition. This is the main reason for asbestos testing and asbestos abatement prior to the destruction of any older building here in the historical Phoenix area.phoenix arizona asbestos abatement

Diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancers were most prominent back in the 1900’s. The 1920 through the 1930 decade had the highest levels of asbestos related illnesses. It wasn’t until the lat 1980’s and 90’s that the asbestos restrictions were extremely strict and mostly banned and totally phased out of use by most countries. The illnesses were mostly in asbestos abatement related employment positions as they were not aware of the severe diseases associated with the deadly material. Most of these illnesses that occurred did not come to anyone’s attention for years after their initial exposure so there were not a lot of warning signs until much later.asbestos removal phoenix arizona

In the initial asbestos abatement process, it is most crucial to gather asbestos materials and send them to the certified laboratory for further testing. One of the most frequently used tests’ that is used to test for asbestos is the PCM or Phase Contrast Microscopy. This test is frequently done on site where an asbestos abatement project is going to occur.

Arizona as a State along with the Federal government have put into law special guidelines in regards to the testing for asbestos in older buildings, the asbestos abatement process and the elimination of the deadly substance. The State of Arizona worked closely with both the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and other Arizona agencies to create NESHAP. NESHAP stands for the National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants Program. These guidelines were all created for any asbestos abatement projects that were to take place. All of these restrictions and guidelines are strictly enforced and you can be arrested if they are not followed.

It is my recommendation that you reach out to a professional hazardous waste removal company that specializes in asbestos abatement with decades of experience. The number one business in the Phoenix area by far is Phoenix Enviro Clean. They have done hundreds of projects in regards to asbestos and practice all of the restrictions and guidelines that are in place.

If you would like more information about us, please click here.

3 Great Caribbean Restaurants

The Caribbean Islands are rich in history.  Mostly known as a haven for Pirates and their hidden treasure.  Today, the Caribbean Islands are a mecca for tourism.  Their majestic beauty has sprung up sailing charters where people come from all over the world to enjoy snorkeling, dining and hopping from island to island.

We have some friends who own the Jalapeno sailing boat and do Caribbean Sailing Charters that can accommodate up to six people on her beautiful fifty-two ketch style sailboat.  Our friends Captain Ray and Jennifer, will give you one of the most memorable adventures of your life.

I wanted to review a few restaurants you may visit while staying on board the Jalapeno.

Caribbean RestaurantThe Longboard in Cruz Bay is owned by Clint Gaskins and Tyler Beckstead.  With over thirty-two combined years of experience, they always dreamed of opening their first restaurant together in St. John.  They were fortunate to obtain Chef Kenny Claston who specializes in using local, fresh ingredients to create unique cuisines.

This restaurant is a favorite for locals and tourists alike.  While they don’t take reservations, they do fill up quickly during the dinner hour.  You can get there early, grab a seat on their open-air porch enjoy one of their frozen delights and people watch.    When you visit the bathroom be sure to look closely at their bathroom wallpaper.  They used vintage surf magazine spreads from the seventies!  All spreads were had applied one at a time.

The Longboard Cruz Bay menu features refreshing options such as poke bowls, Ceviches, gourmet tacos and Baja bowls.  Of course, all are spices with Caribbean spices and locally-sourced produce as well as locally-caught seafood.  You might want to start with Island Guacamole with tomato, garlic, avocado, jalapeno, cilantro served with seasoned white corn tortilla chips.  Their Blistered Shishito has fire roasted, sea salt, togarashi, yuzu aioli. Caribbean St John Restaurant

The Cevisches are serviced with yuca chips and tostones.  You could choose their Fresh Catch, Scallops, Octopus or a combination of the three.  Their Small Plates have Calamari that is flash fried and seasoned with sea salt, cayenne, lemon and roasted garlic aioli.  Island Wings are spicy mango glazed wings with a char-grill finish and served with a garlic lemon aioli and siracha.

Share some of their Tacos and Bowls with your friends.  Their Bowls are serviced with pico de gallo, guacamole, feta cheese, red cabbage, cilantro and fresh lime.  It is served over quinoa and brown rice.  Choose the Grilled Portabella or Skirt Stead.  They also have the Ahi Tuna, Seared Shrimp, Roasted Cauliflower or Braised Pork Belly.

With over ninety reviews on the internet, they garner over a four star rating.

Caribbean St Thomas restaurantsGreengos Caribbean Cantina has four locations in the Caribbean.  Each location has amazing art that is focused on “calacas” or the skull and skeleton images we all relate to “the day of the dead”.  Making it an ideal spot to enjoy a libation while watching your favorite sport, they have strategically placed large flat screen televisions throughout the restaurant.

Owner and chef, Elizabeth are committed to the environment.  They use only recycled, biodegradable material for their take-out food and all of their glassware is from recycled glass.  They are even in the process of building their own tortilla factory with the goal of serving fresh house made tortillas in all their restaurants daily.  So, the Greengo in their name is a play on helping the environment.

As with most Mexican restaurants, you can expect the menu to serve typical items.  You could start with their Dos Tostadas but add a twist of beef, chicken, fish, tofu, pork or shrimp.  They have an amazing Taco Salad with a large crispy tortilla bowl that is filled with fresh greens, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, corn, red onions, Greengo beans, poblano peppers, cheddar cheese and their creamy avocado cilantro dressing.St Thomas restaurant

Enjoy one of their Entrees like their Cantina Bowl.  This features cilantro rice, Greengo beans, which are a combination of black and pinto beans, white onion, fresh garlic, green chilies and New Mexican spices, and melted cheese, topped with shredded cabbage, corn, poblano peppers, red onions, tomatoes, fresh guacamole and your choice of beef, pork, chicken or tofu that is surrounded with tortilla chips.

No wonder they get over a four-star rating on the internet with over one hundred and sixty reviews.

Caribbean St Thomas restaurantMafolie Hotel and Restaurant was founded in 1952.  They are located in St. Thomas eight hundred and sixty-six feel above sea level.  This offers almost all rooms have a view of the Harbor.  All guests are treated to a complimentary breakfast buffet.

They were severely damaged after the last hurricane and had to close down for a while.  Now open for business again, they were able to add some environmental improvements.  With the addition of energy efficient air conditioners and appliances, they installed low flow toilets, solar panels for hot water heating and energy efficient florescent lighting.

Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine ranked Mafolie Hotel and Restaurant as one of the top value resorts.  All rooms offer air conditioning, cable television, private baths and in-room safes.  You can request a refrigerator and microwave if you want those in your room.

Their restaurant features island favorites.  The Kalaloo soup is a local favorite and house specialty with shrimp, crab, spinach and okra.  Their Lobster Bisque has real lobster chunks!Caribbean restaurant st thomas

Try an appetizer like their Sweet Potato Crab Cakes with fresh lump crab meat, Caribbean sweet potato blend and sweet pickle tartar.  The Caribbean Conch Fritter sound wonderful with fresh house prepared conch, Caribbean spice and mango scotch bonnet chutney.

Their Entrees offer a wide variety with Stuffed Atlantic Salmon, Grilled Ribeye or Seafood Jambalaya to name a few.  The Danish Baby Back Ribs are a hold-over from when the Island was owned by Denmark.   Trade Wind BBQ sauce, St. Kitts Rub, Tempura onion rings served tender and falling off the bone.  Yummmm!  I see why they have over a four-point-three star rating online.

My Top Three Greatest Restaurants of Orlando


Orlando has some pretty great food, but sometimes it can be hard to keep track of which restaurant I should go to. Do I got back to the same one that I love, or do I go out and try a new one that will probably be just as good? I know a lot of other people have the same problem, so I thought that this list of reviews would help people choose where their next meal should be.

four rivers smokehouse in orlando

4 Rivers Smokehouse is first because I could talk about this restaurant for hours and hours on end. You can only find one other type of cuisine in Florida that’s just as good, and that would be Cuban food. Make sure you’re in Orlando’s business district, because this place is POPULAR. I always appreciate when a restaurant chooses to do something different with their food, such as how 4 Rivers Smokehouse has a Southern theme.

You would be hard pressed to find a town where there wasn’t a single barbecue restaurant, but I doubt they would all have a Southern theme (and pull it off so well). The menu at 4 Rivers Smokehouse is very diverse, and I have never had trouble finding something new to order. In fact, the menu is so big that sometimes I have to ask the server for help in deciding what to order.

The management even decided to put tacos on the menu! And they’re pretty great, too. I know a lot of Orlando restaurants that put unique food on the menu to separate themselves from the competition, but the quality can be iffy at best. If you could only eat at 4 Rivers Smokehouse once, I would highly encourage you to try the tacos.

My favorite dish to order on the menu is the pulled pork quesadilla, but that’s because pulled pork is a personal favorite of mine. That’s enough about the food, though. Even if it is the most important part of a restaurant, it’s not the only one. Aesthetic is also very crucial to a restaurant. 4 Rivers Smokehouse has a very attractive interior, and even offers outside seating.

I have actually been to a restaurant in the past that tried to use darkness to hide how unsanitary everything was. It is safe to say that the restaurant is no longer around. 4 Rivers Smokehouse has plenty of natural light, which I think is better than just hanging light bulbs everywhere. Sanitation is also very important in restaurants. Far too many restaurants get shut down each year, and it’s for something as silly as putting your raw meats on the top shelf instead of the bottom.

One big part of a restaurant’s sanitation is the kitchen, since that is where all of the food is made. I know of some great restaurant hood cleaners in Orlando, if 4 Rivers Smokehouse was interested. A great restaurant like this has probably already been swept off of their feet by another hood cleaning company, but it never hurts to have a backup. However, I do know that Orlando Hood Cleaning offers kitchen exhaust system cleaning. Beyond that, I don’t understand a whole lot about the industry.

The website has an about page, so I could probably learn more if I wanted to. Their website is, so if 4 Rivers Smokehouse is interested then they have the information now. When figuring out where you will eat next, just keep these three points in mind: food, service, and aesthetic. There are also plenty of positive online reviews to read, if my word isn’t good enough for you.

orlando mediterranean restaurant zoes

Zoe’s Kitchen is next, and there’s no way I could have skipped this one. Found in Millenia in Orlando, you’re close to both great restaurants and great scenery. How’s that for a double whammy? I decided to add this Orlando restaurant to the list because I have been finding more and more Mediterranean restaurants everywhere I go.

As such, I thought it would be nice to expose some of them to the public eye. A hidden gem is still a gem, though. It should not be a shocker that you will find some great food here as well. Zoe’s Kitchen serves great sandwiches and salads, but I think that my favorite thing to order here is the cauliflower bowl. Never thought I would say that I liked cauliflower, but here I am. The food isn’t just great, however.

After eating at Zoe’s Kitchen multiple times, I have also realized that it is very affordable. If there’s one thing that a restaurant needs, it’s affordable prices. Unless you’re one of the higher-class elites who only eats at restaurants where the waiters wear tuxedos, eating at a place frequently can be made difficult when you have no means of paying for it. Zoe’s Kitchen takes its customers into consideration, and it pays off. They kept my business, and have clearly kept the business of each person who wrote amazing online reviews.

salad vegan restaurant orlando

For those of you who want to opt for the healthier route, definitely stop by Greenbeat. I will always love a good chicken salad, and the food here is no exception. This time around, you will be eating in downtown Orlando again. Greenbeat is located in the business district, so you know what that means. Business lunches.

You can build your own salads, but if you’re indecisive then there are also plenty of different salads you can order. Salads were never really my favorite type of food to eat, and I think that a lot of people overlook them as an option for meals. I have always found that they were not very filling, but that changed with Greenbeat.

Maybe because I started to actually eat the entire salad for a change. I think that the most attractive part about Greenbeat is the fact that they offer natural and organic food. There’s vegan options, but you can also put chicken and similar food in your salad without making it greasy or unhealthy. Good job there, Greenbeat! There must be a lot of people in Orlando who like salad, because there is no shortage of great online reviews.