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Reviews of Three Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles CA Restaurant TacosTuition Tacos is located at 11136 Palms Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Owners, Hector and Michelle got their start when they would give free tacos to low-income students to inspire them to go to college. The tacos became so famous, Hector and Michelle decided to sell them at the Redlands Market Night every week. They did not set a price for their tacos, they just asked for donations.

The donations became so big that Hector and Michelle began to not only give out free tacos, they were able to provide scholarships to thousands of kids that went to college. Education became a passion for Hector as he was a high school dropout. He got a 0.0 GPA during his first year at community college and he considered dropping out of there as well.

A college professor saw potential in Hector and gave him encouragement as well as one hundred dollars so he could purchase books for his class. Hector went on to get a master’s and bachelor’s degree receiving top honors. His goal to pay it forward became a reality when he opened Tuition Tacos.

Their hard work has paid off and they are now considered the largest and most awarded caterer in the greater Los Angeles area. They may only have one hundred and seventeen online posts, but they have a strong four-point-nine-star rating.

Located in the Harvard Heights area of Los Angeles, California is Guelaguetza Restaurante. It was opened in 1994 by Fernando Lopez and his wife Maria Monterrubio. They immigrated to the United States from Oaxacan and wanted to share true Oaxacan food with their friends and family and patrons.Los Angeles CA Restaurant

Guelaguetza Restaurante is truly a family business as they have handed down the restaurant to their four children. The children took the family restaurant to the next step by creating an online store to sell their famous mole and Michelada mix.

They have gained notoriety by having articles on them in the New Yorker, Oprah Magazine and the Los Angeles Times just to name a few. They have over two thousand reviews on the world wide web giving them four-point-four-stars.

Los Angeles CA Restaurant MexicanEl Cholo was the first Mexican restaurant to open in Los Angeles, California in 1923. Today, it is located at 1121 S. Western Avenue and is run by the grandson of the founders. Rosa and Alejandro.

The original El Cholo was located at Moneta and Santa Barbara streets which have been renamed to Broadway and MLK Boulevard.

El Cholo got its name from the Spanish settlers who called their field hands El Cholo. They used only the best cheese available so they purchased sixty-pound cheese wheels and would let them age for a year before using.

Many a famous person has dined at El Cholo through the years. They can boast that they have employees who have been with them for forty years. Their food remains a favorite in Los Angeles and the evaluations on the internet give them a four-point-four-star rating with over two thousand reviews.


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