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Reviews of Three Great Barbecue Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix AZ RestaurantLittle Miss Bar-B-Q has two locations in Phoenix, Arizona one in the Sunnyslope area and the other is on University Drive.  It is owned by two friends that share a love for everything barbecue.

Before opening Little Miss Bar-B-Q, the two friends entered their first barbecue contest in Williams, Arizona.  It was a disaster and they did not even get an honorable mention.  Their second try was in Queen Creek and it was pretty much a repeat of their first adventure.  They swore they were not going to quit so they moved on to their third contest in Tucson and were able to get 1st place brisket, 9th place pork and 4th place overall.

When they decided they wanted to open a restaurant, they were inspired by some of Austin, Texas’s most famous barbecue places.  Places like the popular Salt Lick and family owned Franklin BBQ sometimes have lines of over a hundred people waiting to eat their delicious barbecue.

They have been successful in their quest and like to boast they have over two thousand reviews online.  The reviews are so impressive they are only point two points away from have a full five stars.

Danky’s Bar-B-Q is located at 4727 E Bell Road.  It is owned by The Reverend Paddy Danks who grew up in Detroit.  He has a long family history of butchers going back to the 1860’s.  His great, great grandparents lived on a small farm in Slovakia.  In 1923 his Great Grandfather Zada and his wife Baba immigrated to Michigan where he continued to be a carpenter and a butcher.Phoenix Arizona Restaurant

Danks father was active in the music business in Detroit so he gained a lot of respect for some of the finest music in the world.  He spent his summers at a farm and learned how to spot the highest quality meats to butcher and smoke.  This was the combination that inspired him to open Danky’s Bar-B-Que.

His customers agree with over four hundred and thirty positive posts on the world wide web.  His four-point-six-star rating gets new people coming in every day.

Known as the “Jay Z of barbecue” is Pitmaster Phil the Grill and the owner of Trapp Haus BBQ.  It is located in the Roosevelt Row Arts District in downtown Phoenix.  Prior to opening Trapp Haus BBQ, Phil toured the competitive barbecue circuit and had his own food truck.

Phoenix AZ Restaurant BBQThe Trapp Haus BBQ is known for their bold spices that are used on their ribs and briskets.  Phil uses a Spanish spice blend called sazon for his rub then tops the meat with a pungent spice and his own blend of sauce.  In Phil’s early years he would cook on NFL Sundays for his friends in the Bronx.

Six hundred and fifty-four evaluations on the internet cannot say enough of how Phil the Grill’s passion is put into every meal.  His clientele is so loyal many of them have to have his amazing barbecue at least once a week.


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