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Reviews of Three Burger Restaurants in Trenton, New Jersey

The capital of New Jersey is Trenton that boasted a population in 2010 around eighty-five thousand residents.  The estimated population in 2018 was around eighty-four thousand residents.  It boarders the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

The history of Trenton can be found as far back as June 3, 1719 and became the capital of New Jersey on November 25, 1790.  It is known as the first military site of victory for General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.  Manufacturing was its life blood in the late nineteenth century into the early twentieth century and fell into a depression when those jobs went away.  Today the largest employer is the state of New Jersey which brings in hundreds of state workers every day from the surrounding areas.

Trenton NJ RestaurantOne of the areas that is seeing a revitalization is the Trenton waterfront.  A restaurant called Cooper’s Review remodeled one of the older buildings to create an amazing dining experience.  They have live entertainment, a popular happy hour and a full menu for even the pickiest of eaters.

Cooper’s Review was designed to hold large events in their entertainment hall, the major dining area, an amazing indoor/outdoor bar and drink area and a beautiful deck that jets out over the water.  They have a stage on their deck that can accommodate national performances.

Their menu consists of recipes offered at the Marmont Steakhouse in Philadelphia which is awesome for those who do not want to drive an hour into Philadelphia.  The internet evaluations give them over four stars, and they say to definitely try one of their gourmet burgers.

Savory Leaf Café is only about three miles away in Edwin Township, a twelve-minute drive, from Trenton, New Jersey.  They are a vegan restaurant that serves some of the most amazing dishes that one would swear are not vegan.  Their food is all plant-based but is served like some of the best comfort food in the area.Trenton New Jersey Restaurant

Established in 2018, Savory Leaf Café and serve only food that is egg, dairy and meat free.  Their “wheat meat” is called seitan and really looks like meat when it is cooked up.  Unfortunately for those who cannot eat gluten this product is out as it is also called wheat gluten, wheat protein or just plain gluten.

One of their popular events are their Saturday breakfast where they offer a tofu scramble, soy sausage patties serviced with cheese on a bagel and Lox made from carrots.  They may only have thirty-three reviews online, but they get a strong five-star rating from them.

Trenton New Jersey Restaurant MediaNJ Weedman’s Joint is located right across from city hall in Trenton, New Jersey.  Owner, Robert Edward “Ed” Forchion Jr., also known as NJWeedman, came into this world on July 23, 1964.  His restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a full menu that would please anyone.

NJ Weedman’s Joint is not his only venture.  In addition to being a restaurateur, he is a free speech and cannabis rights activist as well as an actor and writer.  He has long history of arrests and court battles due to his cannabis activism.  He was in jail in 2017-2018 for four hundred and forty-seven days.

His success as a restaurateur is as legendary as his arrests and subsequent trials.  People flock to his place just to get a glimpse of this icon in Trenton and of course have some amazing food.  The world wide web rates him with four-point seven-stars with one hundred and fifty plus posts.


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