Do I love Github? You had me at hello

So, I have to start by saying that I’m an amateur at web application programming.  But I love it.  If I had it all to do over again, I would certainly do nothing else.  Mostly, the tool that I love to use is Ruby on Rails.  It’s incredible and so interesting to use.

And one of the cool things that I have been trained to use is Github for my code management.  It is amazing.  I love being able to work very quickly and to send up my modifications to Github for safety and managing my changes.  So cool.  And I do it from command lines while I’m coding my applications.  So, as I’m working on projects like my FDC project, I can be assured that my code is backed up.  And if I totally make a blunder, I can call up my older versions and instantly go back to them.

I know that there are other platforms out there, but for me, I don’t need to go any further than Github.  It’s free for open repositories, and as little as $7 per month for personal & secured repositories.I

If this was a review site, I’d be giving Github 5 stars.  It’s pretty damn cool.


Reno Plumber Review

The best way to get a plumbing problem fixed is to call a professional immediately.  There are a lot of things that you can fix yourself, but ‘do it yourself’ plumbing is never a good idea.  Pay the money and have a professional plumber do the work.

Last month I was the victim of a plumbing issue.  Seems that the builder of my home had tapped a nail into a pipe when the place was built.  It created a slow leak in the wall.  I hadn’t seen the damage from it (because it was in the wall) but one day while the house was quiet, I happened to hear the drip.

My decision to open the wall was a tough one to make.  But the drip that I could hear was enough to make the decision.  I started by sticking a phillips screwdriver through the drywall to see if there was moisture on the top of the framing.  Well, just sticking the screwdriver through the drywall proved the moisture.  Instead of the wall board being powdery as I pushed into it, it was almost molten.

Time to call the plumber.  I’m in Reno Nevada and here there seems to be more plumbers than doctors.  So I thumbed through the search engine and started making calls for a plumber.  The first one I called put me on hold for 7 minutes and then when the operator came back on the line – I told her that she should not have left me on hold that long.  She didn’t even acknowledge what I said and made no effort to even say ‘sorry’.  She seemed to exhale as if she was annoyed that I pointed it out.  So I just said ‘never mind’ and I hung up.

My next call was to the top listed plumber in Google search for ‘Reno Plumbers’.  This company answered the phone promptly and they were very anxious to get my appointment scheduled.  Seemed a little scattered as far as organizing an appointment.  But they were set to come out the next day.  Problem – the plumber did not show up.  So I called back and was told that they’d scheduled me for the next day.  I canceled and went back to google.  I then called Paschall Plumbing in Sparks.  The operator handled the call well and when I explained that I had waited over a day for a competitor, the operator offered to have someone to me in an hour or two.  I liked that response.

Less than an hour later, I had two plumbers from Paschall on my doorstep.  Bravo.  They dug in right away and found the nail that was right through one of my copper water lines.  They fixed the leak and advised me on how to dry and sanitize the wood so that I would not get mold.

They were in and out.  And for the price, it was well worth it to have them there.  I know that I will need to replace my water heater soon.  I also want to have an instant water heater under the kitchen sink.  I will have Paschall out for both those projects.  It’s just not worth it to do ‘do it yourself plumbing’.

Traveling Safety and security Tips: Points to think about When Taking a trip

Nevertheless, together with every one of these wonderful locations are the dangers of entering into problem, particularly if the individual is not yet acquainted of the brand-new environments as well as setting.

Below’s a listing of some security suggestions that could make use of when on traveling.

1. Do the research.

Like any type of type of choices individuals need to make, it is constantly crucial to recognize the location they will certainly be seeing so about acquaint themselves with the legislations, places of ideal vacationer places, and also the sort of individuals they need to manage.

Most likely to an area without having the least concept just what it is everything about is equally as poor as most likely to the wild with monsters hiding almost everywhere and also there’s no gizmo to shield them.

2. Never ever take a trip alone.

Nevertheless, with the unavoidable threat hiding anywhere, it is far better to take a trip with a person than to risk their lives taking a trip alone.

Besides, individuals will certainly never ever recognize exactly what will certainly occur next as quickly as they get to their locations, specifically when it is their very first time on the location.

Naturally, there are times when individuals simply intend to be alone and also take a break so regarding get rid of every one of the stress of city living.

3. Preparation.

Besides, when an individual has sufficient time to prepare points in advance, they will certainly have the ability to assume on points that will certainly safeguard them when they get on traveling currently.

When taking a trip, it is very crucial to intend in advance. This will certainly provide the vacationer sufficient time to choose which points should get on leading concern as well as which ought to be taken into consideration at a later time.

4. Constantly be planned for emergency situations.

It does not always imply that individuals have to be downhearted en route they prepare their trips. It’s simply that they need to think about any type of feasible emergency situations as well as be planned for it.

As they state, an ounce of avoidance is constantly much better compared to an extra pound of remedy.

5. Understand resort lodgings.

So, whether an individual is taking a trip for the very first time or for the umpteenth time, it is still best to remember security taking a trip ideas such as these one to ensure that the experience will certainly constantly be a pleasing one.

It is best to pick resorts that are geared up with the most effective ingenious safety and security devices. This is to make sure that vacationers will certainly be secure once they are alone in their area.

HDR Photography Explained

HDR is an interesting form of photography which takes software to recompose.  The concept is to take 3 pictures.  One normal exposure, one under exposed (dark), and one over exposed (bright).  Then the software can combine them to add detail to the picture that you would not normally have.  This concept gives you closer to human vision through your camera.

HDR Normal Exposure
HDR Under Exposure
HDR Over Exposure
HDR Completed

HDR is pretty artistic and sometimes people push the color levels to brighten the image to a point that is over done.  This HDR can be realistic or sometimes pretty fake looking.  I tend to find myself pushing the color levels a little far.

So now, you’ve got to be wondering – how do you do it?  What do you need?

  1. Well, the first thing you need is a camera that is capable of taking the three shots automatically.  I use a Canon EOS 5i Rebel.  It has the capabilities but you’ll want to watch a video on how to set it up.
  2. A sturdy tripod.
  3. A remote picture trigger.  I use a wired one that plugs into the side of my camera.  I think I paid less than $10 for it at Amazon.
  4. Software.  I am using Aurora HD to process.  Seems to work well.  I know that PhotoShop has a plugin for processing HDR, Canon software that ships with the camera can do it too.  Also, Affinity Photo on the Mac processes HDR very well.

My favorite picture that I’ve taken recently in HDR, I also combined in slow shutter speed because it was running water in a creek.  It is pretty interesting looking.

The combination of the three images add a lot of detail to the stones but the vibration of the falling water did add a slight shake to the tripod which is evident on the stones on the left side of the picture.  Still a very beautiful picture.  Other than running it through the HDR software, no enhancements were done.

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Composition Basics

Today I am going to share with you the basics of photo composition. Take any composition to a whole new level by putting these easy techniques to practice!

Technique number 1: Rule of Thirds

When you pick your subject, use the rule of thirds to place your subject. If you imagine a 3×3 grid over your image, place your subject on one of the grid lines, instead of directly in the middle of the frame. Here is an example:



Notice how the lighthouse is not directly in the middle – it is off centered on one of the lines of your imaginary grid. This is a great example of the rule of thirds!

Technique number 2: Horizon Line

Placing the horizon line is similar to the rule of thirds. You’re going to use the same imaginary 3×3 grid. Place your horizon on the top or bottom line instead of directly in the middle. This will bring your photo a whole different feeling to your photo than if you place it right in the middle. The same photo above is a great example of this… the photo would not have the same feeling if the horizon line was right in the middle!

Technique number 3: Leading Lines

Let your composition tell a story by moving the viewers eyes around the image using leading lines. This is any sort of movement in your image that leads the viewer to your subject:


See how the lines of the Las Vegas horse stables bring your eye across the image? This is an excellent example of leading lines. Just like how I know an excellent example of a good Miami Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service.

Technique number 4: Point your subject into the frame

Last, but not least… Imagine you are about to photograph a living subject that is facing left. Are you going to place the subject to the left of your frame, or the right of your frame? The answer is… the right! When you place the subject leaving room in front of their face, it makes the image flow so much better than if you cut the photo off right in front of their face. Here is an example of an image done right:


Now imagine if the bird, facing the same way, was to the left of the frame. It would look like he is about to swim right out of the photo! Photos flow so much better when it looks like your subject can see and move farther into the frame, instead of looking like they are about to run into the edge of the photo – it makes your subject look crammed! Keep your subject comfy by leading them into the frame.

And there you have it! Basic techniques that can bring your photos from good to great! Remember… these are rules, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Experiment by using these techniques, then purposefully going against the technique and see which photos you like more!

Happy photographing!