Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. Presents How to Change Your Domicile to Wyoming

When you first set up your business, did you look to other states to set up your Limited Liability Company or corporation?  What was the price you paid and are paying annually?  Some states like California have a minimum charge for your corporations annual filing of eight hundred dollars!  Incorporating in the state of Nevada could cost you three hundred and fifty dollars to six hundred and fifty dollars minimum per year.

Let’s face it, you did not start your business to support the government.  You started your business to support your family and be your own boss.  That is why we recommend moving your corporation to Wyoming.  They don’t have a state income tax and their initial and annual fees are reasonable for starters.

Wyoming Discount Registered Agent WYEven if you have an established company in one state, you can move that corporation to another state where the laws are more on your side.  You simply need to transfer your company to a new jurisdiction.  You don’t need to set up another bank account or line of credit because they can be in the state you are doing business in.   You also keep your Employer Identification Number which is great because you are not starting your business over.

Reasons to Incorporate in Wyoming:

  • Nominal Annual Fees
  • There is not personal income tax in Wyoming
  • Purchasing, holding selling or transferring of its stock is allowed in Wyoming
  • There is no Franchise Tax in Wyoming
  • Wyoming does not have a Personal Income tax
  • Wyoming does not have a Gift Tax and no Inheritance Tax
  • There is not State Business License in Wyoming
  • There are competitive Property Taxes or Sales Taxes

Wyoming has Asset Protection

Incorporating in Wyoming can protect you from a lawsuit.  If a company or individual tries to sue your corporation, the suit needs to be tried in the state of Wyoming.  It can be very expensive, so most lawyers will not pursue a case.  Also, Wyoming has over one thousand six hundred lawyers who are ready to represent your business.

As you may know, incorporating in general protects your personal assets as well.  So, you have double protection when incorporating in Wyoming.

What is it Going to Cost to Incorporate in Wyoming?

Incorporating in Wyoming is inexpensive with the going rate of one hundred dollars.  Wyoming charges fifty dollars to obtain your Certified Documents form your State of Domicile.  Our fee for putting all this together is only fifty dollars.  Lastly, you will pay us our annual rate of sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents.  Your total to transfer is only two hundred dollars ninety-five cents.

In order to change your domicile to Wyoming you will need to have a registered agent.  Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. has been helping companies transfer their corporation to Wyoming.  The fees we charge are nominal at only sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents annually.

Even better, if your assets are less than two hundred and fifty thousand inside the State of Wyoming, your corporation renewal fees are only fifty dollars annually.

Sushi last night with Sheri and Ty

So my dad and I went to get sushi from Ijji’s last night (2, I believe). We had gone previously with Sheri, but Ty didn’t go with us last time. Her daughter Krista doesn’t like sushi and complains whenever we tae her out to do something. All in all, the food we got this time was much better than last time. Last time we had no idea what we were ordering, but we did the all you can eat option so we just ordered any rolls that sounded good. Everyone’s favorite roll by far was the Lily (or Lilly, they spelled it different on the menu and the order). The two that everyone else like the least, but I didn’t mind, were the crazy tuna and spider rolls.

There was one that had cream cheese and jalapeno which nobody really liked, called the lion. There’s only one place in Oregon where I actually really enjoy their sushi, but I mostly only get california rolls. I’d take Steph on a “date” to Ijji’s so we can get sushi, but she dislikes any type of fish so she would probably hate it. Steph and I were recently talking about being roommates in Vegas and starting up our own microbrewery. I looked online for a while, found this really great website that details how to get a las vegas liquor license. The only foods I really hate are beets and quiche. My dad tricked me into eating quiche once because I thought it was some weird scrambled eggs. Never making that mistake again.

Maybe it was just because it wasn’t restaurant-quality quiche. I’ll never know, because I definitely don’t want to try it again. Sometimes my mom and I get california rolls from the deli at Fred Meyer’s, and they’re not actually half bad. The only issue is that the wasabi just seems to soak into everything. Like no matter where you take your roll from, it will always slightly taste like wasabi. I can’t stand wasabi. Even if you mix it with other stuff. Honestly, I’m actually surprised I ate as much sushi as I did, because I had a huge lunch at Claim Jumper which made me sick to my stomach. Only because I didn’t want to be wasteful.

Building a New Website for a Plumber

Tonight I am embarking on a new challenge.  I want to build a website for a plumber friend.  His site is solid – but he’s never owned the top spots in Google for any search phrases.  So, I am building a leadgen site from scratch to see if I can get it to rank significantly.  Here is the URL to the Wiki where I am documenting the project:  https://github.com/johnnyutahmontana/plumber-site/wiki/Reno-Plumber

So, I hope this goes well.  I think it will be interesting because I am going to build it in Ruby on Rails and I hope to host it at github or heroku.  Both are awesome.  I am most familiar with hosting Rails applications at Heroku.  I’ve tried hosting on shared hosting platforms and they never work out.  Heroku seems awesome and stable.


The problem with modern video gaming

In case whoever is reading this wasn’t aware, I have nothing but free time and a platform for communicating any random thoughts that enter my mind. And since we’re on the topic of platforms, I think I’ll start there. Now, contrary to popular belief, I’m not actually that well scholared in technical specs of any computers or video game consoles. However, this does provide me with an advantage. It means that I can speak from the perspective of an everyday person, not some technical PC guru who can build a PC with his eyes closed. This may seem like a pretty basic complaint, but seeing as how I haven’t had any true reliable source of income until now, I’m always left in the dust whenever a new console comes out. Owning and maintaining a gaming computer is way too expensive for me, especially when I can’t even afford a game console.

At least I can always afford the best Reno Carpet Cleaning, with their low prices. As a result of this, I always end up purchasing a console during the end of its generation, just when the newest iteration is about to be released or announced. In 2012, I got my first real console, which was an Xbox 360. Only one year later, the Xbox One and PS4 were released, effectively rendering my model obsolete. On top of this, I had no money left because it had all gone towards my game system. Why can’t there be at least 10 years in between console releases, or at least just cheaper upgrades whenever my model becomes obsolete and ineffective?

My next argument is smaller but still needs recognition. This one will address the topic of downloadable content for video games, or DLC as I will refer to it. After I purchase a game, it is extremely unlikely that there is no DLC for it. No matter how big or small, there will always be some form of extra payment that I have to make. Even if developers leave small portions of games out during development, where do they draw the line? Why not just give us one single level of a game for $5 and make the rest of the game DLC?

Travelling Safety together with security as well as protection in addition to security as well as safety and security and security along with protection Tips: Points to take into consideration When Taking a trip

With each many various other with each of these amazing locations are the risks of entering right into trouble, particularly if the individual is not yet acquainted of the brand-new methods in addition to arrangement.

Below’s a listing of some safety and security as well as safety as well as security and also protection together with protection and security and also safety and security along with also safety and security as well as safety as well as security in addition to protection along with safety and security and security tips that could make use of when on travelling.

1. Do the research study.

Like any kind of sort of kind of kind of sort of sort of sort of sort of selections individuals should certainly make, it is often necessary to recognize the location they will absolutely most absolutely be seeing so uneasy accustom themselves with the methods, places of amazing visitor areas, in addition to the kind of individuals they must care for.

Greater than greater than most likely to a location without having the least concept just especially simply precisely merely specifically just what it is whatever emphasizing remains in enhancement as damaging as possibly to the wild with monsters hiding mainly around together with there’s no show protected them.

Never ever before in the previous travelling alone. With the inevitable threat hiding anywhere, it is better to take a trip with a certain than to
risk their lives travelling journey.

On a regular basis, there are times when individuals merely suggest to be alone along with take a break so defining get rid of each of the stress and anxiety along with stress along with tension and also anxiousness of city living.

3. Preparation job job.

When an individual has sufficient time to prepare consider repair service, they will absolutely most certainly have the ability to assume on variables that will definitely secure them when they get on travelling currently.

When taking a trip, it is extremely vital to suggest in advance. This will definitely most absolutely use the tourist suitable time to pick which parts should get on leading concern in addition to which ought to most definitely be thought about at a later time.

4. Frequently be gotten ready for emergency scenario conditions.

It does sometimes suggest that individuals have to be downhearted en program they prepare their trips. It’s merely that they must take into consideration any kind of type of kind of sort of kind of sort of kind of cost-effective emergency scenario worries along with be planned for it.

As they define, an ounce of evasion is normally much better as compared with an included added extra pound of option.

5. Understand resort getaway accommodations.

Whether an individual is taking a trip for the exceptionally first time or for the umpteenth time, it is still best to keep in mind safety and security and also protection and safety and security along with safety and security taking a trip pointers such as these one to make specific that the experience will definitely usually be a pleasing one.

It is best to select resorts that are prepared with amongst among one of the most relied on creative security along with safety along with safety and safety and security as well as safety and security along with protection together with security along with protection devices. This is to make info that internet site visitors will definitely most certainly be risk-free once they are alone in their place.