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I Lost my Glasses in a River in Tulsa

river parks tulsaWell, While I was in Tulsa, I had an opportunity to go to River Parks and I did something really silly and while checking out the water, bloop. Glasses were gone.  Oh boy.  I was 1/2 way across the country and stuck without full eyesight.  I went back to the hotel where I had a cheesy pair of readers.  I jumped on the internet and started making calls.  I found an optometrist.  Nice guy and when I told him my issue – he said that he could see me right away.

When I got there, he asked if I had my prescription from my last optometrist appointment.  I keep a picture of it on my phone (like a lot of other documents that I hope to never need while traveling).  I pulled it up and showed him. He wanted to double check – so he did a quick exam and then had his lab bang out a new pair of bifocals.




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