All Around Surfaces Reviews Three Car Repair Shops in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

All Around Surfaces in Sioux Falls, South Dakota specializes in epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floor coating in repair garages is the perfect flooring to be installed. It is not expensive to install, it resists stains, it can take heavy equipment without damage and it is easy to clean.

Epoxy Floor Coating Sioux Falls SDEpoxy floor coating is most typically installed over existing concrete. The concrete must first be to remove any bumps then holes and cracks must be repaired. The epoxy is made when a hardening chemical and a resin are combined. When the mixture is installed and completely dried it is considered a hard plastic.

Chris’s Auto Repair is located at 1901 S. Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Owner, Chris Rieger, started his business in 2013. Chris has a Bachelor of Science Degree and is a vehicle factory trained technician.

When Chris first opened Chris’s Auto Repair it was just a one-man shop. Word quickly spread about his quality work and Chris soon found he had to hire more technicians to keep up with the demand.

Chris has made a commitment to keep up with the latest in car repair technology through continued education. He makes sure his technicians and certified mechanics are up to date as well as he will pay for their schooling. Is it any wonder Chris has over two hundred and thirty positive reviews on the internet with a four-point-six-star rating?Epoxy Floor Coating Sioux Falls SD

Located at 2812 W. 12th Street in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is 12th Street Auto Care Center. Co-owners, Shane and Chad, opened their doors in 2010. Shane has been working on cars for as long as he can remember. After graduating from high school, Shane attended the Wyoming Technical Institute earning a degree in Automotive Collision/Refinished and Applied Science Management.

Chad grew up in his father’s auto shop and learned all of the levels of repairing cars. Prior to opening 12th Street Auto Care Center, Chad spent years in the industry as a technician, service manager, parts manager and auto body manager. His experience in this industry made him the best partner for Chad.

Epoxy Floor Coating Sioux Falls SD ImgeTheir commitment to excellence has given them a great reputation in town. They have over three hundred evaluations online giving them a strong four-point-six-star rating.

Terry Steenholdt, of T.D.S. Auto Repair, Inc., opened his repair shop in April of 1977. His first shop was on a rented property but in 1981, he purchased some land on 15th and Marion Road where he made it his permanent location.

Growing up around motorcycles, cars, go-carts and trucks, Terry couldn’t wait to purchase his first motorcycle. Once he got a motorcycle permit, he bought a bike then purchased a car even before he got his driver’s license.

Together Terry and his wife, Dar, have expanded T.D.S. Auto Repair business over the years purchasing adjacent properties. This allowed them to expand their storage and parking area. They improved the property by planting trees, installing driveways and putting up a fence.

Their hard work and commitment to the people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota to provide the best car repair shop has paid off. They may only have twenty-one reviews, but they have a strong four-point-six-star rating on the world wide web.

Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. Presents How to Change Your Domicile to Wyoming

When you first set up your business, did you look to other states to set up your Limited Liability Company or corporation? What was the price you paid and are paying annually? Some states like California have a minimum charge for your corporations annual filing of eight hundred dollars! Incorporating in the state of Nevada could cost you three hundred and fifty dollars to six hundred and fifty dollars minimum per year.

Let’s face it, you did not start your business to support the government. You started your business to support your family and be your own boss. That is why we recommend moving your corporation to Wyoming. They don’t have a state income tax and their initial and annual fees are reasonable for starters.

Wyoming Discount Registered Agent WYEven if you have an established company in one state, you can move that corporation to another state where the laws are more on your side. You simply need to transfer your company to a new jurisdiction. You don’t need to set up another bank account or line of credit because they can be in the state you are doing business in. You also keep your Employer Identification Number which is great because you are not starting your business over.

Reasons to Incorporate in Wyoming:

  • Nominal Annual Fees
  • There is not personal income tax in Wyoming
  • Purchasing, holding selling or transferring of its stock is allowed in Wyoming
  • There is no Franchise Tax in Wyoming
  • Wyoming does not have a Personal Income tax
  • Wyoming does not have a Gift Tax and no Inheritance Tax
  • There is not State Business License in Wyoming
  • There are competitive Property Taxes or Sales Taxes

Wyoming has Asset Protection

Incorporating in Wyoming can protect you from a lawsuit. If a company or individual tries to sue your corporation, the suit needs to be tried in the state of Wyoming. It can be very expensive, so most lawyers will not pursue a case. Also, Wyoming has over one thousand six hundred lawyers who are ready to represent your business.

As you may know, incorporating in general protects your personal assets as well. So, you have double protection when incorporating in Wyoming.

What is it Going to Cost to Incorporate in Wyoming?

Incorporating in Wyoming is inexpensive with the going rate of one hundred dollars. Wyoming charges fifty dollars to obtain your Certified Documents form your State of Domicile. Our fee for putting all this together is only fifty dollars. Lastly, you will pay us our annual rate of sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents. Your total to transfer is only two hundred dollars ninety-five cents.

In order to change your domicile to Wyoming you will need to have a registered agent. Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. has been helping companies transfer their corporation to Wyoming. The fees we charge are nominal at only sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents annually.

Even better, if your assets are less than two hundred and fifty thousand inside the State of Wyoming, your corporation renewal fees are only fifty dollars annually.

What is a Corporation by Nevada Discount Registered Agent

The preferred way to structure a business is to make it a corporation. Corporations are treated as a separate entity which gives it the legal rights of an individual with the exception of voting and a few other limitations. You can choose to incorporate in the state your business is in or, you can incorporate in states that have better laws that protect your business.

If you choose to incorporate in a state other than the one you do business in, you may be subject to a fee. Check with the state to see if you have to file for a qualification.

The Great Seal of NevadaYou can do the articles of incorporation yourself, however, if you are going to incorporate in a state with better protection laws, like Nevada, you should use a Registered Agent. Nevada Discount Resident Agent has been helping companies from other states file for their corporation in Nevada for years. The advantage of incorporating in Nevada is they do not keep or store records of the individuals in the business therefore they cannot share information with the Internal Revenue Service.

Once you have incorporated, you can now designate how many shares the company will give to each owner. Prior to that, the corporation should elect a board of directors who should plan on meeting at least once per year. Take copious notes of your discussions and where the company is heading.

The board of directors typically consist of a president, secretary and treasurer. The board of directors can have more than previously mentioned like vice-president or vice-presidents. These individuals are expected to handle the day-to-day affairs. Adopting corporate bylaws is also suggested as it designates what the authority and powers the officers, directors and shareholders have.

The corporate umbrella protects the shareholders personal assets should there be a lawsuit. Incorporating in the state of Nevada if your business is in another state can actually prevent frivolous lawsuits. Any lawsuit that may be filed has to be litigated in the state of Nevada. This can be costly which many lawyers will shy away from, especially if the corporation does not have a lot of assets.

Another advantage of incorporating your business is you can give the shareholders a salary. This is not the case of a Limited Liability Company or LLC. LLC’s are looked at like a sole proprietor, so the income is passed directly to the individual. Salaries are considered an expense to the corporation and can be deductible.

The larger the corporation and the number of shareholders may require the company to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or state regulatory bodies. It is better to keep the shareholders to a minimum as it is easier to cash someone out if they choose to leave the company.

Keep in mind that not only is the corporation subject to income tax, the shareholders are liable for taxes when they receive dividends. This is why many corporations choose to give the shareholders larger salaries rather than take dividends.

This article is only intended to give some information on forming a corporation. It is recommended that any business owner who is thinking of incorporating should consult their Certified Public Accountant or their Lawyer.

Tulsa Optometrist That Saved My Trip

river parks tulsaWell, While I was in Tulsa, I had an opportunity to go to River Parks and I did something really silly and while checking out the water, bloop. Glasses were gone. Oh boy. I was 1/2 way across the country and stuck without full eyesight. I went back to the hotel where I had a cheesy pair of readers. I jumped on the internet and started making calls. I found Dr. Zoellner. Nice guy and when I told him my issue – he said that he could see me right away.

When I got there, he asked if I had my prescription from my last optometrist appointment. I keep a picture of it on my phone (like a lot of other documents that I hope to never need while traveling). I pulled it up and showed him. He wanted to double check – so he did a quick exam and then had his lab bang out a new pair of bifocals.

His pricing was super reasonable and he was a great guy to deal with. So if you need a Tulsa Optometrist, I’m sure you should choose Dr. Zoeliner. His website is:


Orlando Florida for Foodies

Okay, I learned to research things to do while traveling many years ago, but my next door neighbor is a fanatic at it. It’s almost compulsive with him. Weeks before a trip, he’s made lists of things to do, to see, and where he wants to eat. I do the same thing but I only loosely document it.

For my trip to Orlando in April, I’m going to try documenting my picks and creating a blog outlining everything. So here I go…

I called this post Orlando for Foodies because eating will be important on this trip and I want dining experiences that I will find as different from the West Coast or places that I’d find in my home town. I really want to find Orlando restaurants with a flare and something different. Hopefully, not to ‘touristy’.

orlando restaurant too much sauceSo far, I have found that I really want to try a restaurant called ‘Too Much Sauce’. It’s a pretty new place but I’m intrigued by the pictures I’ve seen of their dishes (and the name of the place). They serve Mediterranean bowls with sauces like coconut ginger and pineapple bbq. Sounds delicious and I really am looking forward to trying it.

Too Much Sauce details:
1430 N Mills Ave
Ste 170
Orlando, FL 32803
Google Map: Too Much Sauce

Victoria & Albert’s. I was not planning on visiting Disney World this trip. Seriously. Not even on the plan. HOWEVER, I really want to dine at Victoria & Albert’s. The online reviews are off the hook and I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. It seems to be one of the best fine dining experiences in Orlando. Since I’m in the restaurant exhaust hood cleaning business, I’ll be asking to take pictures of their restaurant kitchen hoods. You should see the looks I get in fine dining places when I ask. But I rarely get denied.

Victoria & Albert’s details:
4401 Floridian Way
Orlando, FL 32830
Google Map: Victoria & Albert’s

Kres Chophouse. I love a good chop house. Kris looks to be right in my wheelhouse and it’s a downtown Orlando restaurant. And I have to say that in my visits to the Orlando area, I’ve never been downtown. So another reason to go. Reviews look solid and I like the menu. Looks a little pricey – but on this trip, money is no object. So I will look forward to this one too.

Kres Chophouse details:
7 W Church St
Orlando, FL 32801
Google Map: Kress Chophouse

smokehous restaurant downtown orlandoI’m also thinking about trying The Boheme in downtown Orlando. It’s at 325 South Orange Ave, which puts it in the Marriott (I think). Very close to there is a smokehouse called 4 Rivers Smokehouse. Now, the best smokehouse places I’ve ever been to are in Texas, but I’m good to try a smokehouse restaurant anywhere in the south. So I will definitely be checking this one out.

I’m going to keep modifying this post. It won’t be just about food, but also experiences. I really hope to see some great sites to go along with the Orlando fine dining. If you read this and have some other or better ideas, your feedback would be appreciated.

Reno Plumber Review

Amongst among one of the most reliable approaches to obtain a pipelines problem looked after is to call an expert quickly. There are a deal of elements that you might care for by yourself, yet ‘do it by yourself’ pipelines is never ever prior to an impressive suggestion. Pay the money funding in addition to have a specialist pipes remedy expert get the job done.

When the area was created, shows up that the structure firm of my house had in fact touched a nail right into a pipe. I had in truth not seen the problems from it (as an outcome of that it remained in the wall surface location) yet one way or another while your residence was quiet, I struck concentrate on the drip.

My option to open the wall surface location was a difficult one to earn. Well, merely sticking the screwdriver using the drywall validated the wetness.

Time to call the pipes expert. I’m in Reno Nevada along with listed below there shows up far more pipes as compared to doctor. I thumbed with the on the web online search engine and started making telephone call for a pipes.

My detailed right here call was to the leading thought of pipes specialist in Google look for ‘Reno Plumbers‘. Problem – the pipes professional did exempt up. The chauffeur cared for the telephone call well together with when I mentioned that I had in fact waited over a day for a competitor, the vehicle driver provided to have an individual to me in an employees or 2.

A great deal a great deal much less compared with an employees later, I had 2 pipes specialists from Paschall on my front door. They dug in optimal away along with subjected the nail that appertained with among my copper water lines.

I comprehend that I will certainly most absolutely call for to transform my water house heating unit swiftly. I in addition decide to have an instant water house home heating gizmo under the cooking location sink. I will certainly have Paschall out for both those works.

I thumbed with the on the internet online search engine along with started making telephone call for a pipes professional. My listed below phone conversation was to the leading comprehensive pipes specialist in Google try to find ‘Reno Plumbers’.

My list here phone telephone call was to the leading preserved in mind pipes professional in Google look for ‘Reno Plumbers’. My list listed here telephone phone call was to the leading extensive pipes specialist in Google look for ‘Reno Plumbers’.

My listing provided below phone telephone phone telephone call was to the leading kept in mind pipes professional in Google search for ‘Reno Plumbers’. My listing noted below telephone phone telephone phone call was to the leading detailed pipes professional in Google search for ‘Reno Plumbers’.

My noted below phone telephone call was to the leading valued pipes expert in Google search for ‘Reno Plumbers’. My listing provided below phone telephone call was to the leading kept in mind pipes specialist in Google look for ‘Reno Plumbers’. My listing detailed below phone telephone phone telephone call was to the leading preserved in mind pipes professional in Google search for ‘Reno Plumbers’. I thumbed with the search engine as well as started making phone telephone calls for a pipes expert. My listing detailed below telephone phone telephone phone call was to the leading thorough pipes specialist in Google search for ‘Reno Plumbers’.